“Whatever good you give will be repaid to you, and you will not be wronged.” Qur’an, 2:272

You can make charitable donations to Shahe Najaf Islamic Center to help our center grow!  You can make a one-time charitable donation, or set it up so that you will automatically donate to Shahe Najaf on a schedule of your choice.

Contributions to the Shehe Najaf Islamic Center of Washington D.C. are deemed charitable under section 501(a) of the IRS code as charitable organization described in Section 501(c)(3). U.S. Federal Tax ID 54-2022985.

Every Penny Counts: The online donation service is available for your convenience, but there are 2.2% service charges which add up overtime. Therefore, we recommend that all our respected donors contact us at donations@ShaheNajafDC.org if you are planning to make donations of significant amount.

Ways to Donate

For your convenience, we offer multiple ways to help you meet your donation goals.

  1. *Preferred Method: Using your Mobile Banking App, send money to ShaheNajafDC@gmail.com as payee. (see how this works)
  2. Fill in the Payment Authorization Form and send us at donations@ShaheNajafDC.org.
  3. Donate Online using PayPal (see below)
  4. Donate using Check or Cash (see below)
  5. For alternate donation arrangements, please email us donations@ShaheNajafDC.org.

Donate Online using PayPal

You can donate online using your Credit Card or bank account over secure PayPal services. Please choose from any of the following donation categories or use our email ShaheNajafDC@gmail.com to make one time donation or schedule recurring donations using PayPal.

Imam al-Asr Masjid Initiative

General Donation

Sadaqah / Community Support


Annual Individual Membership: $200
Annual Family Membership: $350

Program Sponsorship
(Ramadan, Muharram, etc.)

Sunday School Fees

Learn more about Sunday School

Let us help you with donation arrangements

Please fill in the Payment Authorization Form and send us at donations@ShaheNajafDC.orgWe appreciate your continuous support.

By Check

If you need assistance with recurring monthly donations for Shahe Najaf Expansion Initiative or need to make donation of significant amount (for example $1000 or more), please contact us at donations@ShaheNajafDC.org for assistance.

To make donations though check,  please make your check payable to Shahe Najaf and mail to the following address:

5501 Cherokee Avenue Ste# 101
Alexandria, VA 22312